The West Hollywood Close the Loopholes Initiative is a local citizen-led campaign with a simple goal--to ensure that our local commercial cannabis policies match those of the State and that licensees have a clear and viable pathway to open.

The Close the Loopholes Initiative was written in 2020 to give the voters of West Hollywood an opportunity  to make their voices heard and to support medical marijuana patients, consumers, local labor, and small businesses.  The commonsense Close the Loopholes initiative combines medical cannabis licenses with adult-use licenses to create one license at the local level and align with State law.  It also allows edible-only consumption lounges to offer consumption of all types of cannabis products and removes local roadblocks that prevent licensees from serving our community.


West Hollywood Close the Loopholes Initiative

About Us

The West Hollywood Close the Loopholes Initiative has been filed with the City of West Hollywood.  The Close the Loopholes Initiative effort is being led by local West Hollywood residents committed to simplifying our local cannabis laws by aligning them with State law.

Supporters of the Initiative represent our diverse community of West Hollywood residents, patients, employees, and small businesses.  We are committed to the idea that patients and adults in West Hollywood should have access to safe, legal, and well-regulated cannabis.

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Closing the Loopholes

How did we get here?

After the passage of Prop 64, the City of West Hollywood designed an application process for the permanent licensing of local cannabis retailers before the State finalized its regulations.  This process has led to delays and confusion for medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers.  Allowing every cannabis retailer to serve medical and adult-use customers aligns with State regulations and is the most logical and equitable solution to maintain safe access to cannabis for all consumers. 


Why close the loopholes?

According to a recent survey, 70% of West Hollywood voters support closing the loopholes by combining medical and adult-use licenses into one license.  Closing the loopholes locally will bring West Hollywood's law into alignment with State law and Prop 64.  It will give medical marijuana patients and consumers in West Hollywood continued access to a variety of choices for their needs.  We support local labor, fair wage jobs, and local tourism.  Finally, the Initiative gives existing and new small businesses the tools they need to open, compete and thrive.  A simple win-win.


Myth   vs   Fact

Myth: This Initiative could double the number of cannabis retailers in West Hollywood.

Fact:  There is no increase in the number of retailers allowed by this initiative.  The Initiative would align local policies with State policies by allowing all commercial retailers who serve medical patients to also serve adult-use consumers and the reverse.

Myth:  This Initiative is being pushed by retailers who are sore losers and didn't "win" an adult-use license.

Fact:  Close the Loopholes is a commonsense citizen-led initiative, that will allow our existing medical-use retailers to continue to operate and serve medical patients and expand access to medical use cannabis adult-use only retailers.

Myth:  Everything is working fine now, and no one really wants things to change.

Fact:  70% of voters support combining medical and adult-use into one license.  Failure to close the loopholes will limit choice and create confusion for patients and consumers.

Myth:  Consumption lounges with expanded privileges will become de facto retailers.

Fact:  Cannabis consumption lounges are not intended to serve as traditional retail locations where customers purchase products to consume off-site.  Consumption lounges are social experiences designed for consumers to purchase and enjoy cannabis products onsite.  Consumers may take home what they have not consumed.

Myth:  Edible-only consumption lounges can serve regular, non-infused food and beverage.  Why isn't that enough to open a business?

Fact:  State regulations currently prohibit the selling or consumption of non-cannabis goods (i.e. food and beverage) on the same premises where licensed cannabis products are sold.  This forces licensed businesses to spend significantly more money by requiring two businesses and two leases -- making it nearly impossible for a small startup business to get off the ground.

Myth:  Edible-only consumption lounges can serve cannabis-infused food and beverage.  Why isn't that enough to open a business?

Fact:  State law prohibits cannabis licensees from live, onsite infusions to be served directly to the customer.  Science has not yet caught up with local policy, leaving consumption licensees unable to serve any infused food or beverage that has not already been pre-packaged and tested for safety.  This prevents consumption licensees from selling any product that isn't already available at a licensed retailer.



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